F Margotin



It's in Morocco and almost by chance that one day I "plunged back" into paintng, this childhood passion neglected for too long. I who had never painted but with gouache then discovered the amazing potential and sensuality of oil. My meeting with an artist and my discovery of his incredibly expressive canvases in Marrakech ingrained in me the taste for a figurative painting that engages the viewer. Attending his studio would guide the choice of my subjects, and give birth to a style, that a brief period attending the evening classes of the school of fine arts in Nîmes, as well as my attending a new studio, would only accentuate. However, I am still looking for my way: how to evolve this style and subjects so that each one of my canvases always has something to express?

Qualifying one's own style is highly difficult, and the eclectism I cultivate complicates the task even further. So, I would summarize by saying that my painting is of a "realistic-poetic" genre, tinged with a touch of fauvism.
Despite a marked preference for portraits and nudes in the choice of my subjects, I also appreciate landscapes. But most of all, I give free rein to my urges, through random moments of inspiration and the whims of my imagination!
Technically, I like rough canvases which catch the matter and give a "rustic" finish, even when colors are brushed and melted. I use brushes and knives on the same canvas to accentuate the effects of the materials, and I am particularly fond of dense colors, "sparkles" of light and deep contrasts. Finally, I give particular attention to restoring the atmosphere of places, the beauty or magic of landscapes, and I try – but what a challenge! – to reveal the inwardness, the innermost soul of beings through a look, a posture.
Some find their way by focusing their research on new techniques, placing materials at the center of their preoccupations. As for me, technique and materials are at the service of the emotion emanating from the subject, for the subject only exists through the emotion it exudes.
My current desire to renew my themes supports my search for an ever more suggestive style. Hoping that this new orientation does not betray my intention to capture and convey beauty or humanity as I perceive them. Put simply, the things that touch me.



Françoise Margotin-Hérouart